A Message from Kristjan Järvi

Camerata Armonia is a chamber orchestra that fuses all the elements of modern musical life, combining all the multi-faceted impulses of our lifestyle today. These impulses are derived from modern-day tempos and styles – the input ranges from fashion to music to the art scene and even political life. This influences its way of making music: from Renaissance to rock, to use a slogan, which is what I believe in very strongly. Music should not be segmented into historical slots; rather, it is a unified history. This is an ensemble that sits at the top of the pyramid of musical history.

The group has incredible style and charm, and when those are combined with all the facets of the past, present and future, this will achieve a new perception, not only for the players, but then also for the audience and supporters. As Camerata Armonia’s artistic advisor, I hope that the idea of music without borders and the fusion of musical styles becomes a regular facet of all ensembles, and particularly this one. Our aim is to take old music and make it fresh and new again. All the past’s input is not thrown out, but polished and renewed.

Having founded the Absolute Ensemble and Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic with the Baltic Music Education Foundation, I have come to believe in an approach to music-making that is all-inclusive and holistic in terms of practical music-making. This frees people up to concentrate not on technicalities, but on a form of communication, and more than that: on love and energy and spirit. That is the vision I have for this orchestra.


Kristjan Järvi

Artistic Advisor of the Camerata Armonia